Textbooks for Liberia

About Us

Mission: To provide appropriate textbooks and other educational materials to the children of Liberia and help to develop a peaceful and prosperous future.

Goals: (1) To continue to send containers of textbooks and school supplies to the public school system in Liberia as I have done for the past few years;  (2)  To form and train a team to take over this project after I graduate.  (3) To expand this program to other schools and organizations so that we can provide even more textbooks to Liberia, and expand the program to other countries.

Financial Plan: The financial plan has three parts, as follows:  (1) To solicit donations of goods and services; (2) To find the most cost effective way to purchase the services that are not donated;  (3)  To raise funds as necessary from individual donors and charitable organizations.


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Textbooks For Liberia

Founded By

Casey Robbins
Presently Run By Anjanaa Senthil Kumar, and Orgilmaa Munkhbaatar 
Email: textbooksforliberia@gmail.com
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